Thursday, May 27, 2010

Adventures in Garageband

I really should have started doing this years ago, but I've finally amassed the equipment to start doing a little Garageband home recording. For somebody like myself who has spent lots of time in recording studios, but really only has enough technical knowledge of engineering to be dangerous, it is awesome. They let you manually adjust compression and EQ, but also include pre-sets for different instruments and vocal styles to give you a base to work from (asleep yet?). I don't know if I'd ever make a record like this (at least not yet), but I can't wait to start developing new song and production ideas with it.

My cousin has asked me to play a few covers at what it seems is going to be her very hip wedding next month. Below are a few demo recordings of the songs she has asked me to play, recorded in my office / Xbox man-cave.

"First Day of My Life"

And as if the world needed another recorded version of this song : ) Hey, I just did it to assure her that I wouldn't completely ruin the ceremony.


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