Saturday, April 24, 2010

From the Studio...

Our new album was recorded in our drummer/engineer Peter Craft's home studio. Pete lives in a great old Victorian house just off the Castro in San Francisco....pretty idyllic setting to cut a record. When we weren't laying down takes, Pete took a bunch of photos. I've shared a few below as a little behind the scenes glimpse into how our record took shape...

The Board

Me, listening to playback

Brian Mello, doing his best Jimmy Page impression

This piano is almost 100 years old


Stephanie Finch, lending her voice on "Cabaret"

This is an AKG C-12 ribbon mic that Pete somehow managed to acquire from New York's Battery Studios just before it closed. If this mic could talk, the stories it would tell about the iconic artists who've sung through it. I'm no gearhead, but this thing captures vocal detail like no other mic I've heard.


Gear galore

Kevin, givin' it the headphone treatment

....and politely informing Pete that he'd rather not have his picture taken.

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